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EXCLUSIVE: Mike Lindell Speaks About Ronna McDaniel's Failures and Calls on Her to Resign...

• By Jordan Conradson

MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell spoke to The Gateway Pundit on Monday at Turning Point Action's Restoring National Confidence Summit to discuss Ronna McDaniel's failures as RNC Chairwoman to fight for election integrity and his fight to restore elections through getting rid of the corrupt voting machines.

The event, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, two days before the 2024 RNC Winter Meeting with hundreds of County GOP Chairmembers and RNC voting members, featured presentations on election fraud and how the grassroots GOP can get out the vote. Unlike grassroots Republicans across America, the RNC, under Ronna's leadership, doesn't care about winning or ensuring honest elections.

Mike Lindell spoke at the event yesterday following a presentation on "Truth & Transparent Elections" by Cause of America and the Lindell Team.

Watch day one of the event here.

While speaking at the event, Mike Lindell slammed Ronna McDaniel's recent claims that "Republican-on-Republican infighting" caused losses in 2022, while ignoring election fraud. He further called on Ronna to resign as Chairman of the RNC.

"Republican voters want to hear us talk about the border, fentanyl, Israel, our kids, crime, inflation, and they want to see us take on Joe Biden," said Ronna, ignoring the massive fraud that took place in states like Arizona, where 60% of voting machines failed on election day — the same day that Republicans turned out 3:1 to support their candidates.

As Laura Loomer reports, Ronna "may announce her resignation at the RNC Winter Meeting in Nevada this week."