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The WEF Davos 2024 Circus: Their One Objective Is "Massively To Reduce World Population"

•, By Peter Koenig

He has cast a final rather devastating blow – a Latin American View – at the WEF, Davos 24. Is it representative for all Latin America?

Probably not. But for a large segment of alert people, including many Latin American top corporate executives and even for some country leaders, Mr. Belaunde's words may be speaking from their heart. Take Javier Milei, the newly elected President of Argentina, who was invited to Davos and gave a brilliant speech that probably Klaus Schwab and many of the WEF Clan did not expect.

Maybe President Milei's and Victor Belaunde's words are part of the final straw breaking the WEF's neck. 

The WEF circus has been going on for too long – 54 years. The WEF's naval-glancing organizers and participants are distancing themselves ever-more from reality, while they have one objective and one objective only – massively reducing world population, so that Mother Earth's remaining natural resources will serve a small elite "forever", instead of being swallowed by "useless eaters", who can rapidly be replaced by robots, transhumans (chipped human survivors), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Once there is only a fraction of the 8 billion world inhabitants left – and, yes, that is the goal already spelled out by the Club of Rome's (a Rockefeller invention), 1972 Report "Limit to Growth", and then stated in Henry Kissinger's 1974 Report on "National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM) 200". Kissinger was then President Nixon's Secretary of State.  (both reports can be downloaded, pdf)

The One Objective 

This one objective comes disguised under many different documents and statements, from the covid crime, to a potential virus "X" – which does not yet exist, but for which already bio-weapon "vaccines" are being produced; to energy shortages; and to the climate farce. All extreme fear-mongering, reducing the populations auto-immunity (even without being "vaxxed").

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