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Democide Party Says Bomb Americans

• - Bowne Report

Tensions are high as a wide open border floods Texas cities with military aged males, criminals, and potential terrorists that has citizens on edge as the Biden Administration demands the UN NGO Soros engineered invasion continue at all costs.

Responding to a tweet spotlighting the heavily armed States backing Texas in its standoff with the Biden Administration. Rather than at the very least calm the fears of his constituents. Texas Democrat State Rep. Gene Wu suggested the proper response to those backing Texas would be for the U.S. Military to drop bombs on these Americans with drone fired hellfire missiles.

The audacity of the statement of psychopathic Democide was met with enraged tweets. However Wu just doubled down on his stance that the American people that he represents are the enemy.

The madness to destroy the U.S. from within is completely off the rails now. As Disturbing video from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) shows a group of migrants tucked away in a hidden room guarded by a U.S. service member. The U.S. military is aiding and abetting the collapse of the United States. America is in free fall and no one is manning the controls. The point of no return may already be long behind us.