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Biden Says The US "Does Not Seek Conflict In The Middle East" While Actively Dropping...


The Biden administration has begun its latest bombing campaign in the middle east, reportedly dropping over 125 munitions on more than 85 Iranian and Shia militia targets in Iraq and Syria on Friday. 

The mainstream press have been falling all over themselves to describe the strikes as "retaliatory" in nature, framing it as a provoked response to a drone attack which killed three US troops at a base on the border of Jordan and Syria. Which is a bit odd, given that this supposed "retaliation" is being directed at a nation which the US government itself admits is not known to have been involved in said drone attack at all.

While US Central Command says the strikes targeted "Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and affiliated militia groups," the US has already openly admitted that it has no evidence Iran was behind the drone attack. On Monday Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh admitted that there was no information showing that Iran had actually ordered or orchestrated the attack, saying only that Iran "bears responsibility" for the strike because it has been supporting such groups in the region. This position was later confirmed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and by President Biden himself.

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