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Gold & Silver Fight Tyranny: Austin Fitts Warns "We're Going To Lose All Our Freedoms"

• Via Greg Hunters

CAF thinks now is the time for state governments to act to protect their citizens from the dangers of a falling dollar and increasing central control over "We the People."  CAF explains,

"One of the things we are talking with the states about is Sovereign State Banks, so they can protect their transactions in dollars. 

We are also talking about State Bullion Depositories.  This is so states can protect their rainy-day reserve and, ultimately, their transaction ability with gold and silver. 

Under the Constitution, the states have those powers. 

This is very important if we are going to have sovereignty as individuals and not wake up one day and find ourselves in the same spot as the Canadian truckers who had their bank accounts shut down for protesting the CV19 lockdowns and mandates.  

More and more, we are seeing people say the 'wrong things,' and suddenly they find their bank account is shut down.  So, if we are going to have individual sovereignty, we need governments that can provide sovereignty...

The states have the power to implement financial transaction arrangements to protect our financial transaction freedom.  Without our financial transaction freedom, we are literally going to lose all of our freedoms."

CAF says there are many reasons to be concerned for the dollar as the world reserve currency system. 

Fewer and fewer countries are paying for oil trade in dollars. 

The US now has record debt and likely it cannot be paid back - ever. 

CAF also points out, "We are seeing a serious loss of confidence for the US federal government to keep its word..." 

"As we see this erosion of confidence,  we see the US government and central banks assert more and more control in a way which is nothing but tryanny...