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'Very, very violent' Venezuelan migrant, 15, CRIES while female relative wails in background


A teenager gunman burst into tears as he was hauled away in handcuffs for allegedly shooting a tourist in the leg after opening fire in Times Square.

Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, 15, a migrant from Venezuela, was arrested by US Marshals in Yonkers after a nearly day-long manhunt.

NYPD Deputy Chief of Detectives Jason Savino called him a 'very, very violent' suspect who recklessly fired a 'very large' .45 caliber handgun in a crowded area of New York City.

But the baby-faced alleged bandit, who was also wanted for armed robbery, looked more like a scared child crying for his mother.

A woman could be heard wailing as he was frogmarched out of the house shackled at the ankles and handcuffed behind his back.

Rivas-Figueroa is accused of firing at a security guard who confiscated a coat he and two friends tried to steal from JD Sports Store on West 42nd Street and Broadway.

The bullet missed and hit Tatiele Riberio Lemos, a 38-year-old Brazilian tourist, who was waiting in line to buy a pair of sneakers about 7.15pm on Thursday.

He fled through Times Square, allegedly firing wildly two times at police who chased after him with no regard for the thick crowd of shoppers.

Savino alleged Rivas-Figueroa fired twice at pursing cops, once firing blind over his shoulder as he ran 'something potentially so dangerous'.

'Our shooter had no regard for anyone in the area, really as reckless as we've seen,' he said.

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