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TRANSCRIPT: Roger Stone joins Mike Adams with WARNING about Dems' plan...

•, by: Mike Adams

Mike Adams: Welcome to today's interview on I'm Mike Adams. And our guest today is Roger Stone, who probably needs no introduction, I think one of the most amazing leaders of the political freedom movement here for America first. And Roger Stone. Sir, I really honor your work. Welcome to the show today.

Roger Stone: Great to be with you, Mike. I really appreciate the opportunity.

Mike Adams: It's it's great to have you on, you know, and this is one of the few places where you get to defend yourself against all the horrendous accusations and fakery that's been leveled against you. And one of the most recent things was that somebody came up with a, what appears to be an AI generated audio that mimics your voice and was put out there claiming that you are calling to, to murder somebody? Well, I was able to because I work in AI, I was able to generate my AI voice saying the same thing that you said, even though I never said that either. So we were able to prove that's AI. What are your thoughts?

Roger Stone: Yeah, and this is, the AI is now going to be the next tool of the radical left is going to be used in politics all the time, to defame people in this particular case. A not very credible left wing website, media AI, which is owned by one of the former talking heads at MSNBC, Dan Abrams, published what they said was a four year old snippet of an audio in which it is alleged that I plotted to murder two Democratic congressmen. First of all, it was given to them anonymously. So we're supposed to believe who were was taken, who I was talking to, there's no verification of any of that. And then I immediately sent the audio itself out for forensic analysis using the best two up to date software programs. And one of them showed me there was a 96 point percent chance of likelihood that it was fraudulently generated. The other one was 92.8. I never said the words attributed to me, the ambient restaurant background noise, which makes it harder to detect I was dropped in after the fact it's a fraud.