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Israeli Lawmakers Propose 5 Years in Prison for Those who 'Deny' Or 'Downplay' Oct.

• Jerusalem Post and Information Liberation

The beheading of 40 Jewish babies and mass rape by Hamas, among other atrocity propaganda stories, have recently been debunked (here, here and here). This proposed law is a threat against journalists from Haaretz and other Israeli news organizations that debunked much of the atrocity propaganda Israel put out after Oct 7.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Forer's bill

The bill approved by Yisrael Beytenu MK Oded Forer prohibits the denial of the October 7 massacre. According to the proposal, anyone who publishes, in writing or orally, things that deny the massacre or downplays it or publishes praise, sympathy, or identification with the actions committed by Hamas in the events of that day – will be sentenced to five years in prison.

The explanation for the bill reads: "The denial of the massacre constitutes an attempt to rewrite history already at this stage, in an attempt to hide, minimize, and facilitate the crimes committed against the Jewish people and the State of Israel."

The proposal by Likud MK Moshe Passal gives financial compensation to ZAKA volunteers who volunteered for endeavors carried out by the organization during Operation Swords of Iron.

"There is no doubt that the volunteers took a significant part and did hard work, both physically and mentally. They were a significant part of the holy work for the people of Israel and worked together with the IDF, so they deserve to be rewarded for their important work," Passal said.