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"Whites Are Psychopathic": UC Speaker Uses Black History Month To Launch Into Racist Attac

•, by Jonathan Turley

A conservative campus group posted clips from the event in which author Dante King lambasted the United States and its institutions as racist and maintaining a white "rape culture."

Imagine if a speaker or professor gave a lecture that called blacks "psychopaths" and responsible for a rape culture.

The university would be quickly shutdown in a campus-wide effort at introspection, condemnation, and healing. Instead, King's lecture was followed by applause.

During the Black History Month event, King delivered a lecture titled "Diagnosing Whiteness and Anti-Blackness: White Psychopathology, Collective Psychosis and Trauma in America."

He explained how

"whites are psychopaths… and their behavior represents an underlying, biologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history. How many of you can see the proclivity that evolved deep within the evolutionary history of Whiteness? By show of hands, how many of you could see it? Some people are sitting here, 'Oh no, I don't want to raise my hand,' that's called denial."

King said he is not worried about how the whites in the audience react because he does not value or prioritize their feelings or views: "I'm not seeking agreement from White people at all. I don't prioritize Whiteness or White people in my work in that way."

There was little need to consider any whites on campus and what they think because "I think Whites are psychopathic. I think there are many lies. The level of lying that White people do that has started since colonialism. We're just used to it."