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A Lot of Folks Really Didn't Like Tucker Carlson's Interview with Putin

• Organic Prepper - Marie Hawthorne

Is Tucker Carlson a traitor for his interview with Putin?  Or is he just a journalist doing journalism?

Tucker aired his two-hour-long interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 8. It received over 200 million views within the first week.

Why would he do an interview with Putin?

Tucker did a short video before the interview explaining his reasons for conducting it.  He insists that he is not trying to tell anyone what to think, just exposing people to information not available from mainstream sources.

If Americans are sending huge sums of money to Ukraine, we should understand what's going on.  He also notes that while the war has been a humanitarian disaster for Ukraine, it is also reshaping global alliances in ways Americans just don't understand.  And that has to change.

What did Putin say?

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