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Watch Out for These 10 RED FLAGS When Booking Campgrounds

•, By Mike Wendland

Has it ever happened to you? Have you booked a campground with all the expectations of a great stay, only to arrive and think you must have put the address into the GPS wrong?

This can't be the place! This is not what I signed up for!

Well, you're not alone. Unfortunately, too many campgrounds these days aren't living up to campers' expectations. So, it's good to know what red flags to watch out for when booking a campsite!

NOTE: These red flags are primarily for privately owned campgrounds. Public campgrounds in national and state parks, for instance, work a bit differently. They may not have as many photos, detailed descriptions, etc., but they can still be an excellent place to stay.

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1. Outdated Photos or Lack Thereof

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this rings especially true when evaluating campgrounds. Outdated or non-existent photos should raise a red flag.

When considering a campground, make sure to browse through their website or online listings and carefully examine the photos they provide. If the photos appear outdated or blurry, it might indicate that the campground hasn't invested in maintaining or updating its facilities.

Similarly, if a campground doesn't offer any photos at all, you should question why. Are they trying to hide something? A well-maintained campground will proudly showcase its features, so be wary if you come across a lack of visual evidence. And a PRO tip: check their social media accounts and images… and comments.