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'It could shut NYC down': Female trucker joining boycott to protest Trump verdict says...


Truckers who support Donald Trump claim their proposed New York City delivery boycott over his $355 million fraud trial verdict could paralyze the city.

'It could shut New York City down,' Jennifer Hernandez, a trucker who supports the boycott, told NewsNation in an interview on Monday.

'If New York loses...just 10 percent of the trucks going there, their prices are skyrocket on everything, from milk to eggs to any type of goods that the consumer needs,' she added.

It's not yet clear how widespread support for the proposed boycott is, and what impact it might have on deliveries to the city. 

The truckers claim they are taking action after the former president was ordered to pay a $355 million fine in a civil fraud verdict by a New York court that found his company falsely inflated asset valuations to obtain more favorable loan terms.

The New York Mayor's Office, New York Association of Convenience Stores, and New York-based National Supermarkets Association did not immediately respond to requests for comment from on Monday morning.

Prior proposed trucker boycotts have had mixed results. Last July, a proposed one-day trucker boycott in Florida over a strict new immigration law fizzled out, according to the Tampa Bay Times

Many truckers do not own their own trucks, and those who do may be under financial pressure to take whatever jobs are available, the outlet noted.

But in late 2021, a trucker boycott of Colorado got results. In that case, truckers were furious over a 110-year prison sentence for a truck driver who was involved in a crash that killed four people.

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