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This sparked the Russia collusion hoax.

Officially, the story has been told that Australian officials have informed U.S. officials of a Trump aide telling an Australian diplomat that Russia has damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

Sources close to an investigation by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence say that the US IC asked the "Five Eyes", intelligence alliance, to monitor Trump's associates, and to share any intelligence they gathered with US agencies. Five Eyes countries are the US, UK Canada Australia, and New Zealand.

A source confirmed to Public and Racket that after Brennan's CIA Director John Brennan had told Five Eyes that he had identified 26 Trump associates, the IC "had identified [them] to 'bump', or to make contact with, or manipulate." Our own IC and Law Enforcement targeted them for misinformation and collection.

The FBI was able to investigate the information after it was passed to U.S. officials. How long has this been happening?

A source familiar with the investigation revealed that "they were making contact and bumping Trump's people as far back as March 2016".

Public is Shellenberger's Substack; Racket is Matt Taibbi's news site.

Shellenberger called this illegal, and election interference.

According to the report, some of the information regarding the FBI investigation and surveillance is contained in a 10-inch binder. Trump ordered material to be declassified before leaving office. What happened to the binder then?

Shellenberger informed Watters they would be releasing a piece to specifically address the binder, and the rumor claiming that it may have played a role in the raid at Mar-a-Lago. Shellenberger stated that if the binder contained what they were told, it would be "extremely important information." Many have speculated for years that the raid involved documents from Crossfire Hurricane. If they can confirm this, it would be a very important piece of information.