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Nevada Voters Surprised to Find Mail Ballots Counted in Primary Despite Not Voting

•, By Jim Hoft

The 8 News Now reported that these irregularities in voter histories prompted an immediate response from the Secretary of State's office on Monday.

The issue was first identified on Sunday when voters began noticing discrepancies in their voting records.

"On Sunday, February 18, the Secretary of State's Office became aware of possible technical issues related to the vote history of individuals who did not participate in the Presidential Preference Primary," a spokesperson told 8 News Now.

"Elections and IT staff began working on the issue immediately, and met with county clerks and registrars this morning. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and will provide further updates as we can."

According to the office, the problem allegedly stemmed from some counties failing to follow the correct procedures for updating their voter registration data.

Each county is responsible for nightly uploads of their voter registration to the state database, which then generates the public voter file on the state website. However, the necessary steps to exclude non-returning mail ballot voters were reportedly missed, resulting in the display of incorrect voting histories.

The Secretary of State's office assured voters that they are validating new files from each county and updating them as soon as the data's accuracy is confirmed.

Below is the full statement from the Secretary of State's office:

"After working closely with Nevada's county clerks, registrars, and their IT staff, the Nevada Secretary of State's office is confident that all issues related to erroneous vote history have been identified and fixes are in progress.