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Tokenized, Inc: BlackRock's Plan To Own The Fractionalized World


In the aftermath of the recent Bitcoin ETF approvals, BlackRock's Larry Fink revealed that soon everything will be "ETF'd" and tokenized, threatening to fractionalize not just existing assets and commodities, but the natural world, reducing most living things into Wall Street financial products to be traded on a single, universal ledger.

Just one day after the January 11 approval of 11 Bitcoin spot ETFs – including BlackRock's iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) – by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, BlackRock Chair and CEO Larry Fink sat down with Bloomberg's David Westin to discuss the implications of the world's largest asset manager entering the Bitcoin market. Not one to mince words, Fink articulated a clear framework for his company's approach to Bitcoin, and furthermore for BlackRock's intention to replicate similar ETF products for other assets. "If we can 'ETF' a Bitcoin, imagine what we can do with all financial instruments." Fink continued, speaking about Bitcoin itself, stating "I don't believe it's ever going to be a currency. I believe it's an asset class."

Bitcoin: Commodity, Not Currency

While the BlackRock Chair was not shy about expressing other aspects of the potential build of tokenized, digital markets, these two statements in particular illuminate the coveted path forward for how the biggest institutions intend to carefully integrate Bitcoin into the legacy financial system. Fink even went so far as to turn the abbreviated noun "ETF," an exchange-traded fund, into a verb, gloating about transmuting the Bitcoin protocol into just another speculative commodity – all the efforts of miners and nodes across the world to decentralize trust in issuance and settlement reduced to a paper offering by their iShares division.

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