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Is the meat in Arby's sandwiches really roast beef?

• arclein

I have been in the retail meat industry for more decades than most of the world has been alive. I was a meat cleanup, a meat cutter, meat manager, meat supervisor, meat buyer, and meat director. This encompasses every rung on the ladder from the bottom to the top. I also created (and currently create and maintain) programs that manage and maintain retail pricing in all meat categories; fresh meat, lunch meats, frozen meats, etc. Therefore, I know meat. I know the animal from which it comes, what is done with it, and I know the end product in all its many forms. I can look at any cut of meat and tell you what it is, and what it is not. There is no doubt that Arby's roast beef is actually beef. But, your beef sandwich is not sliced from a chunk of roast beef like top or bottom round, sirloin, etc. I will explain.