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Wave To The Satellite That Is Taking Your Picture From Space


Their goal is to gain control over the environment, the physical world, and all of humanity. Albedo Space is cleared to use a 10-centimeter resolution, but they are looking for a higher resolution.
One co-founder wrote in 2021, "We're acutely aware of the privacy implications and potential for abuse/misuse."

Then he proceeded to explain how is prepared to stop abuse and misuse:

We expect this to be an on-going, evolving issue over time, but also something we want to start thinking about from day one. As far as practical steps, we'll be approving new customers on a case-by-case basis, building our robust internal tools to find bad actors, as well as the obvious measures of adding punitive clauses to our terms and conditions.

Of course, "case-by-case" means the NSA, CIA, DOD, DHS, and any other organization brimming with Technocrats.

It's not that technology itself needs to stop, but is the Technocrats themselves who have to be stopped.  ? TN Editor

For decades, privacy experts have been wary of snooping from space. They feared satellites powerful enough to zoom in on individuals, capturing close-ups that might differentiate adults from children or suited sunbathers from those in a state of nature.

Now, quite suddenly, analysts say, a startup is building a new class of satellite whose cameras would, for the first time, do just that.

"We're acutely aware of the privacy implications," Topher Haddad, head of Albedo Space, the company making the new satellites, said in an interview. His company's technology will image people but not be able to identify them, he said. Albedo, Mr. Haddad added, was nonetheless taking administrative steps to address a wide range of privacy concerns.

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