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What We are Witnessing in the Democrats' Administration of Justice...

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

The Democrats appear to be the New Stalinist Party. My conclusion  is based on how they abuse law.  President Trump has suffered eight years of legal abuse from Democrats and their  corrupt prosecutors and judges.  

It began with Russiagate led by the CIA, Justice (sic) Department, and FBI.  It was a total orchestration long since disproved. Then there were a series of concocted nonsense allegations–strippergate, documents gate, insurrection gate and two concocted and failed impeachment attempts.  

The Democrats then rescued their failed attempts by rolling them into indictments, which the Democrat controlled corrupt United States Justice (sic) Department and Soros-implanted  Trump-hating Democrat state attorneys generals and district attorneys  leveled against Trump.  Some of these fake charges are falling apart, because the black female prosecutors are so stupid and incompetent that they have disqualified themselves and should actually face indictment for perjury.  As US Senator J.D. Vance recently said, "It's like every other two-minute clip I watch of this Fani Willis interview she admits to committing another felony."

Of all the indictments, the most absurd is the one presided over by what must be the most corrupt judge in human history–New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron.  The Trump-hating NY Attorney General, apparently another Soros implant, charged on her own with no civil complainants  against Trump that he damaged unidentified people by overstating the value of his properties in his loan applications.  She has zero evidence for the charge.  

Indeed, all of the lenders and every real estate valuation expert said that there was nothing wrong with Trump's valuations.  Lenders said they didn't care about the valuations, they just wanted Trump's business.  Regardless, the ideological black woman implanted into NY "justice" by Soros' money indicted Trump for civil fraud.