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An Important Lesson from So-Called "Voodoo Death"

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An Important Lesson from So-Called "Voodoo Death"

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Voodoo is only one part. For example. I think global warming is caused by the media predicting weather patterns that are warmer than what their predictions should be, especially in colder climates. This prediction amount isn't much, and is made to blend with what actually happens. It would be interesting to compare a prediction chart with the actual temperatures chart. But 'they' seldom overlay those two charts for the public. The point is that if the predictions are warmer than the weather people know what is really going to happen, the public will expect warmer temps. Because they expect these temps, their belief that 'warmer' is going to happen actually makes it happen - a little at a time. The belief is supported by thousands of people who don't even realize what is going on, that they are being gently pushed into thinking warmer. The result over decades is global warming.

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