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The Insidious Cult Of World Order Is Clearly Seen


Technocrats have always been careful to disguise their spiritual inclinations, but that doesn't mean they are devoid of belief; indeed, they all are a part of the "cult of world order," seeking to transform the physical planet and the people who live there, Think "Great Reset" and "Forth Industrial Revolution" as representing Technocracy and Transhumanism.

"The cult of world order" is nothing more than warmed-over Babylonism. Today, however, Technocrats reach out to the heavens with rocket ships instead of bricks and mortar. They seek to enforce uniformity through technology.

As Christian theology is largely pushed aside, the worship of man and the physical creation are now the norm. This is paganism. The organization, Pagan Federal International, unabashedly defines this in their own words:

Paganism is the ancestral religion of the whole of humanity. This ancient religious outlook remains active throughout much of the world today, both in complex civilisations such as Japan and India, and in less complex tribal societies world-wide. It was the outlook of the European religions of classical antiquity – Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome – as well as of their "barbarian" neighbours on the northern fringes, and its European form is re-emerging into explicit awareness in the modern West as the articulation of urgent contemporary religious priorities. ? TN Editor