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What a Great Country We Have Made!

• - Karen Kwiatkowski

The US State Department continues to awe with its embrace of honesty, and the high value it places on the rule of law and transparency.  Why, just the other day, spokesman Matthew Miller stated:

The Kremlin has poisoned Navalny, imprisoned him unjustly, kept him in harsh conditions, and denied him medical care. It is the Russian Government that is responsible for Navalny's death while in detention. And now, in any other society – in a free, democratic society – we would see openness and transparency as his family seeks more information about their beloved son, husband, and father. But of course, in Russia, openness and transparency remain in short supply.

What a great nation the United States must be!  How proud we are to stand for something!

The US Government is all about glasnost!  The CIA-infected and -diseased Wikipedia explains glasnost as not only openness and transparency of a government, but "freedom of information and the inadmissibility of hushing up problems."