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Could Mitch McConnell endorse Trump even though he called him an 'old crow', a 'piece of


Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are ready to let bygones be bygones, with the teams of both party leaders in talks about the Senate GOP leader endorsing Trump's 2024 campaign. 

The Kentucky Republican is the highest-ranking and only member of Senate Republican leadership who has not yet endorsed the former president after Whip John Thune gave Trump's re-election his blessing over the weekend. 

Though McConnell and Trump have not spoken since December 2020, the two party leaders' political operations have been in talks about the endorsement that could bring together the MAGA and Trump-reluctant wings of the Republican Party,  a source involved confirmed to after the New York Times first reported. 

A nod from the GOP leader could open up a whole new class of establishment, McConnell backing donors for the former president. 

Trump has already been forced to spend $50 million on legal bills as campaign season kicks into high gear and President Biden's operation is expected to outspend Trump and his orbit. 

For McConnell, endorsing Trump could smooth over discontent from his own right wing colleagues who have begun calling on him to step down. 

Trump for years has lobbed vicious attacks at McConnell, who he's described as 'old crow' and even a 'piece of s**t.' 

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