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Silent Witnesses

• - Restoring Truth

The past week or so has been quite the spectacle if you're a fan of Judge Judy or The Jerry Springer Show. As our "justice" system did its own version of Soviet show trials, its brightest anti-Trump heroines were revealed to be caricatures of feminine courage. Their testimonies were not truthful, unless you wanted to know Fani Willis' favorite alcohol—Grey Goose, in case you missed it.

Regardless of your feelings about the ever-triggering Trump, it's disheartening to see our Constitution trampled under the new and dangerous precedents of lawfare. Gone is the idea of presumed innocence or evidence of harm; we will perhaps all be prosecuted with no evidence at all. Gone is the fear of perjury; a witness may tell lies comfortably if they please the political Left. Gone is the idea that a testimony must bear a resemblance to truth.