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It Has All Gone So Dreadfully Wrong For The Establishment

• Zero Hedge

Authored by Nikolai Hubble via,

• When it rains, it pours for those in power

• Have the people suddenly woken up?

• How will the Establishment respond?

Our Betters have been very busy these last few years. Climate change, diversity equity and inclusion, ESG, net zero, vaccine rollouts, lockdowns, wars, political scandals, court cases and investigations, causing and then preventing inflation, bank meltdowns, government bond market meltdowns, debanking, sanctions, CBDCs, transgenderism, renewable energy, crypto crackdowns and so much more.

There's no challenge too big for the powerful. Even the global climate and the definition of a woman is in their control.

But what's truly striking is that, all of a sudden, things don't seem to be going according to plan on any of their initiatives. Nobody seems to believe anything they say anymore.

It's all gone so dreadfully wrong for our Betters.

The Establishment, the Deep State, the Davos crowd, the Elites, the House of Lords, the Globalists, and whoever else you'd like to add to the totalitarian mix – they're on the retreat, right across the board.