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EXCLUSIVE: Take Back the Sky, Your Guide to Unmasking Weather Manipulation

• by Reinette Senum

In an enlightening interview with Kathryn Saari, a key member of the Save Our Skies Skywatcher team, this conversation reveals a shared commitment to uncovering the hidden aspects of geoengineering. Saari shares her journey from noticing unusual sky patterns to becoming an active participant in the fight against geoengineering. Her methodical approach includes observing aircraft, collecting rainwater samples, and documenting changes in weather patterns, which has led to the discovery of high concentrations of heavy metals in precipitation.

This latest interview, coupled with a 77-slide PowerPoint presentation (at the bottom of this post), delves into the complex issue of geoengineering, aiming to educate the public on how to recognize and take action against weather modification and other related programs — emphasizing the importance of community engagement and empowerment, urging individuals to observe their skies, identify unusual patterns, and take proactive steps to address the environmental and health implications of geoengineering.

Our discussion highlights several initiatives aimed at addressing the challenges posed by geoengineering, such as the pursuit of local weather modification companies, known for their solar dimming projects and rain augmentation programs. Saari underscore the necessity of involving local representatives and regulatory bodies to ensure the health and safety of communities are prioritized. Through collaborative efforts, including leveraging technology like Flightradar24 for aircraft tracking and engaging experts like Jim Lee and meteorologist Jeff "Ray," this interview paints a picture of a multi-faceted approach to combating geoengineering.

This is no ordinarly interview, it is a universal call to action, emphasizing the role of individual and collective effort in regaining control over our environment. It is a testament to the power of informed activism, scientific inquiry, and community mobilization in the face of environmental challenges posed by unchecked technological interventions in our atmosphere.