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The Disaster of Libertarian Reform of Socialism

• Jacob Hornberger - FFF

Prior to my discovery of libertarianism back in the late 1970s, when I was in my late 20s, I had no doubts that I lived in a free society. After all, I had attended 12 years of public (i.e., government) schools, four years of a state-supported college, and then three years of a state-supported law school. Given that indoctrination is the aim of every governmental educational system, I was, in the words of the songwriter Lee Greenwood, proud to be an American because at least I knew I was free.

And then I discovered libertarianism. It was a Road to Damascus experience for me. Immediately, the inches-thick layer of indoctrination that had encased my mind for more than 25 years began cracking apart. I was recognizing that it had all been a lie. I wasn't free at all. I was living in a society in which people's lives, fortunes, and activities were controlled and managed by government.

It was at that moment that I decided that I wanted to be free. I decided that I wanted to experience what it was like to live the life of a free person before I passed from this life. After all, we've all been given only one life to live. I figured that I wanted to live that one life in freedom.

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