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It Looks Like Ukraine Will Join NATO. How Will Putin Respond?

• Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

Last weekend, a video began circulating on X (Twitter) that got little to no coverage in the MSM. (I know, you're shocked.) In the clip, Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO, said something that could drive us rapidly off the cliff into WW3. He said, "Ukraine will join NATO."

Watch it here:

This is quite a poke in the eye of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

President Putin has repeatedly warned against Ukraine being allowed to join the alliance. He said it back in February of 2022, when the war began.

"[T]here will be no winners," he said, describing a hypothetical future in which Ukraine had joined NATO and then attempted to invade Russian-occupied Crimea, "and you will find yourself drawn into this conflict against your will. You will be fulfilling Article 5 in a heartbeat, even before you know it."

"Do you realize that if Ukraine joins NATO and?decides to?take Crimea back through military means, the?European countries will automatically get drawn into a?military conflict with Russia?" Putin said. "Of?course, NATO's united potential and?that of?Russia are incomparable."

Though the Kremlin's English-language transcript has Putin using, somewhat ambiguously, the term "incomparable," he also asserted that Russia "is one of the world's leading nuclear powers and is superior to many of those countries in terms of the number of modern nuclear force components."

Here's some video footage of this press conference, with subtitles.