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MUST WATCH: WHO RUNS THE WORLD? - The Truth About The Rothschilds & Interdimensional Entities!

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Josh Sigurdson and Tim Picciott (The Liberty Advisor) do a deep dive into the history of the Rothschild banking family, international Zionism, Israel, The Vatican, Marxism and that which truly rules the world and leads people like Jacob Rothschild who is now dead to commit evil crimes against humanity. The reality is, there is no PERSON who rules the world. There is consciousness and there are soul sucking frequencies that go beyond what we can see with our own eyes. In fact, most everything is invisible to our eyes. Only a few basic physical things can be seen by you or me. There is good and there is evil, but of course that is a simplification. Energies that most cannot comprehend manipulate the minds of the masses and instruct the evildoers what they must do to enslave and manipulate humanity. In this video, we answer many of the questions that too often go unanswered while we also leave some questions that are beyond our ability to answer open.