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Ukraine's Rothschild Cartel Hitting Stratospheric Psychosis

•, By Helena Glass

Mullins worked with Willis Carto, also a conspiracy theorist, fascist, neoNazi, Holocaust Denier.  Carto published The American Free Press, a far-right, nationalist, separatist media…that aligned with Ron Paul…  yes, Ron Paul the most passive voice on earth central.

This is how the media portrays anyone outside their sphere of Gob Speak. And Peace Loving Ron Paul is now a fascist neoNazi!   IF it wasn't written – it might make a good satirical comedy skit.  Libertarians are now fascist and must be annihilated at all costs to preserve the Zionist Regime.

Despite all these libelous labels, the one label that destroyed both Carto and Mullins, was Anti-Semitic Holocaust Deniers.   The Zions sued for defamation and – won.  Carto was vilified for using 'talk-radio' to espouse his views.  This was a heinous crime for which punishment was the only solution.  Worse, was his crime of presenting sympathetic profiles of such Traitors as:  Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Henry Ford and the venomous Priest, Charles Cochlin.

Charles Cochlin's crimes?  He was anti-Socialism and anti-Communism.   For this – the Zion Jews destroyed him.

I am quoting from Google sites regarding these anti-Semitic gentlemen.   Verbatim.  The height of these allegations, assertions, and penalizations were incurred between the 1940's thru 1970's.  They are dead now – and apparently Google is attempting to suppress their websites, but what they stood for is exactly on par with what we are just now awakening to 50 years later!

The TRUTH was there all the time.  It was unveiled and presented to us.   And we didn't listen.  Will we listen this time or will they overshadow the Truth again?

The Ruling Caste, The Club, The Cartel is Rothschild at the head of the pyramid. 

Jacob Rothschild, knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to society, died yesterday.   Next in line is Nathaniel Rothschild.   Nathaniel owns a company that builds, Tesla.  However a spat has arisen as Hannah, the oldest of Rothschild children, is staking her claim into the Empire.  Hannah chairs Yad Hanadiv, a philanthropic foundation in Israel.