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House PASSES short-term funding extension to narrowly avoid government shutdown on Friday


The final vote tally was 320-99. Two Democrats voted against it, as did 97 Republicans. 

With new funding deadlines set for March 8 and March 22, the plan is now to pass six appropriations bills to fund each agency of government next week and six the following week.

Next week's six appropriations bills will likely be lumped together in a package known as a 'mini-bus,' where all of them come up for just one up-or-down vote. 

The rest of the appropriations are expected to be lumped together into one to two mini-bus votes. 

Oftentimes in past years Congress has passed funding for all 12 agencies of government in one package, known as an omnibus.

House Republicans have long had a goal of passing twelve separate bills on individual votes but now seemingly accept the improbability of that. 

Still, Johnson celebrated dividing spending legislation into two to three votes as a win. 

'We're trying to turn the aircraft carrier back to real budgeting and spending reform. This was an important thing to break it up into smaller pieces,' Johnson said. 

The text of the spending bills is expected to be released over the weekend to give lawmakers 72 hours to look over it and decide how to vote on the spending bills. 

Congress is now cutting into its time to pass a spending plan for fiscal year 2025, which begins in October.  

The CR vote closes out a less than 24-hour work week in Washington for the House, which got back from a two-week recess only on Wednesday evening. 

Right-wing Republicans seemed dejected about yet another continuing resolution, or CR, the fourth of this Congress and third under Johnson. 

'I am bringing back the nickname for the House of Representatives to be the House of hypocrites,' Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., told reporters. 

'We have our Republicans, who remember the big fight earlier this year about no CRs and rules, and no omnibuses and no mini-buses? Well, everything talked about in conference this morning was a CR, a week-long, another CR, conservative members of Congress standing up wanting a one year CR.'