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New Psychotic Technology To Stop Viruses That Don't Exist

•, By Jon Rappoport

Informed Consent Action Network (Feb 14, 2024) (*):

A new class of "encrypted RNA" vaccines are being developed where the RNA would piggyback onto an existing wild virus and spread from person to person without any person's knowledge or consent.

This so-called "therapy" uses a technology called TIPs (Therapeutic Interfering Particles), which are described as "engineered molecular parasites" that piggyback on a wild virus. If you get the virus, you also get these parasites. Once inside an infected person, the TIPs are supposed to rapidly multiply, hijacking the resources the wild virus needs to multiply and therefore stopping the virus.

Supporters of this technology claim it will "solve" several problems with traditional vaccine delivery, including "behavior barriers" like noncompliance. Meaning everyone gets vaccinated—whether they like it or not.

Let me try to disentangle this.

Some naturally circulating virus (which doesn't exist) will be captured and outfitted with lab-created molecular parasites.

The virus (which doesn't exist) plus its attached parasites will enter the body, where the parasites will "hijack the resources" the virus (which doesn't exist) needs to survive and multiply.

What resources would these be? The bloodstream? The nervous system? The brain? The anus?

And what does "hijack" mean? Destroy? Disable? Wall off from the rest of the body?

The virus (which doesn't exist) stops multiplying and dies. Then that person is immune from further infection by that type of virus (which doesn't exist).