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REVEALED: America's nuclear weapon hubs where thousands of lab workers build...


America's nuclear weapons arsenal includes thousands of warheads which can be launched at a moment's notice - each with enough explosive power to raze entire cities.

These devastating weapons are designed and built by a network of research and development facilities across the country which maintain the country's Nuclear Triad, the name for the three-pronged strike force which can launch warheads from air, land and sea.  

Devastating wildfires in Texas recently forced the evacuation of America's foremost nuclear weapons assembly facility.

The Pantex Plant near Amarillo, which was briefly shut down on Tuesday, is where the majority of bombs in America's roughly 4,000-strong nuclear arsenal were built.

The plant, which has around 4,000 employees, plays a crucial role in the nation's nuclear weapons project. It is where the majority of bombs are built using parts from the other facilities around America.

The nation's nuclear arsenal includes around 400 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles, which can carry several warheads each with the explosive power of 335,000 tons of TNT, and around 3,000 more tactical nuclear weapons.

The US is constantly working to update and maintain its nuclear arsenal and it is estimated between $280 billion and $350 billion will be spent across the next two decades on this upkeep.

Here, outlines the work carried out by some of the country's leading nuclear weapons development facilities.