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70 Years in the Making, The Marxist Takeover of America is Falling Apart (Video)

• By Grant Stinchfield

The war against freedom is now at a crossroads. When the anti-freedom communists lose their battle to stop Donald Trump, it may just be the final nail in their coffin.

America is not what it once was, but it is still the greatest, most powerful nation in the world. Let me remind you, our power does not come from our leaders. It comes from the people.

And the people are waking up. Former Soviet Union, KGB agent, Yuri Bezmanov talked about the communist battle to steal American minds. His words still ring true today. Except the timeline. The communists expected victory long ago. They have made strides, but they have not won. What these Marxists and Leninists hoped for, has not worked out. Their victory against us is taking much longer than they ever expected.

This podcast is about why I have faith in America and the American people to fight back and win.


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