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Trump Meets With Hungarian Leader Viktor Orban, Discussions Focus On Border Security

•, by Tom Ozimek

Over the past several years, President Trump and Mr. Orban have on numerous occasions directed words of praise towards one other, with the former president describing the Hungarian leader as a key figure in the worldwide conservative movement.

Mr. Orban traveled to Florida on Friday to visit President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago home, where he was given a tour of the residence and took part in an hour-long meeting with senior aides.

The Trump campaign said in a readout of the meeting that President Trump and Mr. Orban met "to discuss a wide range of issues affecting Hungary and the United States, including the paramount importance of strong and secure borders to protect the sovereignty of each nation."

Mr. Orban is admired by many conservatives in the United States for his tough immigration policies and his ardent defense of national sovereignty.

The United States has been gripped by an illegal immigration crisis of historic proportions, with Republicans blaming President Joe Biden's policies for fueling the influx.

President Trump singled out Mr. Orban's tough immigration policies for praise in a post on social media after the meeting.

"Hungary is a Safe Country because of his Strong Immigration Policies, and as long as he is in charge, it always will be," he said in a post on Truth Social.

Mr. Orban has faced criticism in some circles for his self-proclaimed illiberal tendencies, close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and his opposition to Western funding for the Ukraine war.

The Hungarian leader has said in the past that the quickest path to ending the Ukraine war is to block weapons shipments to Kyiv.