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Textbook Communism: American Version

•, By Thomas DiLorenzo

The same U.S. government that spent hundreds of billions of dollars and squandered tens of thousands of American lives in its "cold war" to supposedly defend against a communist takeover of America also spent hundreds of billions on communist indoctrination in American schools for the past sixty years.  Higher education in America is essentially a socialist institution thanks to pervasive government funding, even for schools like Johns Hopkins University, the recipient of hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars annually, that laughingly call themselves "private."  Grove City College and possibly Hillsdale College are the only two real private colleges left.

The ideology of "woke," the latest deceptive euphemism for communism, now dominates all American institutions and is the result of sixty years of communist indoctrination starting with the "counter culture" universities of the 1960s, and filtering down to all levels of schooling.  Predominantly government-funded schooling at that.  The result is the ongoing communist "woke" revolution that is destroying what's left of Western civilization in America day by day.

My friend the late Yuri Maltsev, who spent the first forty years of his life in the Soviet Union, recognized this at least a decade ago, and once said to me that "Americans had a lucky four-year reprieve" when Trump was elected instead of a continuation of the Obama/Hillary Clinton regime.  It is now obvious what Obama, the lifelong socialist, meant when he said that "we" want to "fundamentally transform America."

Now along comes Xi Van Fleet, who lived through the horrors of Mao's "cultural revolution" in China before miraculously escaping to America as a young woman, who has written the important book Mao's America: A Survivor's Warning.  Like Yuri Maltsev who lived through Soviet totalitarianism, Van Fleet is horrified that the exact same thing – a Marxist revolution – is occurring in her adopted country (where she is now a citizen).  The parallels between Mao's "cultural revolution" and the American "woke" cultural revolution are striking and sometimes shocking.  The puppet masters of the woke cultural revolution are Maoist communists, through and through.

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