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People who used ivermectin get better faster and were much less likely to die

•, By Jo Nova

So here we are, years too late, getting another nanomole of truth squeezed through the distortion field. The Principle Trial gave people ivermectin far too late, and told them not to take it with food, both of which stop it being useful — yet despite that, ivermectin still saved lives and produced a statistically significant benefit. So the researchers sat on the results for a year and a half, then wrote it up with the opposite conclusion. Welcome to modern industrial medicine where the experiments are just a theatre performance. The government pretends to care and set up a big study, while they design it to fail and then hide and twist the results.

The point of doing experiments is not to find the truth but to kill it. If the crowd is baying for answers,  what better way to silence them than to say you are doing a long indepth "glorious" study that takes years to complete?

It was naked sabotage…

Viruses multiply exponentially at the start of an infection, so every hour matters. The sooner an antiviral drug is started, the smaller the total viral load will be, and most likely, the shorter the infection.  By the time symptoms start the virus has run amok and 1 little virion may have turned into one million virions per ml — headed for a billion. So the Principle Trial designers made sure to express deliver the artificial patented Molnupiravir drug to the randomly selected patients, while the people selected in the ivermectin arm were signed up in slow motion. Pierre Kory has the whole sordid story. One poor man claimed that after he tested positive, he had to wait 11 days for his enrollment form to come through. Ivermectin could hardly "shorten his illness" if he's already recovered. And conversely it could hardly save his life if he was already dead.

It was so petty (but thoroughly so) that the information forms for the Molnupiravir test told patients medicine would be delivered the "next day", and patients were given the option to pick up the medicine from the pharmacy even faster. But in the Ivermectin arm the words "next day" were deleted — the medicine would just be delivered (sometime).