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Bill Maher urges Biden to dump Kamala Harris for Nikki Haley to form 'dream unity ticket' fo


Maher suggested that if Biden were to pursue such an unconventional idea, it would likely result in electoral victory for the Democrats as the GOP members  would be running on a unity ticket.

'I know it's crazy to think that she could run with Biden, but that's my dream, a unity ticket. And then he would, I think, definitely win,' Maher suggested.

Maher, speaking during a panel conversation on HBO's Real Time, acknowledged that the scenario was extremely unlikely with Harris almost certain to be Biden's running mate.

Maher also recognized Haley's controversial and 'crazy' statements, such as her assertion that America has 'never been a racist country.' 

'Of course, she's said some crazy things. Most politicians have- not as crazy as "We've never been a racist country." I mean, that's pretty crazy,' Maher said. 

In response to concerns about removing Harris, the first African American Vice President from the Democratic ticket, Maher pointed out that Haley is also woman of color.

On the panel, journalist Tara Palmeri raised concerns about potentially alienating the core of the Democratic party, which includes black women.

'You would literally destroy the Democratic base. Take off the first African American Vice President off the ticket?' Palmeri asked. 

'She's a woman of color,' Maher replied — referring to Haley.

'But black women are the core of the Democratic party,' Palmeri pushed back.