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Topsy passed all its tests (Edison Motors - Canada)

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A Milestone Journey: Making Topsy Road-Legal!

???? Welcome to our latest video, guys! In this episode, we're thrilled to share Topsy's journey to becoming road legal - a huge milestone for us and a significant achievement in British Columbia's automotive history! ????

????? Journey to Certification:

* The Process: From its debut at the Fully Charged Show, we take you through Topsy's intricate process of becoming certified and registered. After rigorous safety and operational inspections in Ontario, and a detailed mechanical breakdown back in BC at Matt's Shop, Topsy is ready to take on the roads.

* Challenges Overcome: Discover the extensive paperwork, inspections, and approvals required to make a truck from concept to road-legal reality.

* A Unique Feature: We also play around with an unconventional exhaust system – a hood stack, just for fun!

???? In-Depth Inspection:

* Join us as Matt from the shop discusses the comprehensive inspection process. From customizing exhaust systems to stabilizing the battery box, no stone was left unturned.

* The Final Steps: Learn how we secured a VIN number, completed the registration, and got the insurance and license plates – making Topsy a fully legal electric truck!

???? Recognition and Celebration:

* A Historic Moment: We proudly share our invitation to the legislative assembly, marking our recognition as the first OEM manufacturer in BC in 30 years.

* A Tribute to Team Effort: This achievement is a testament to the collaborative spirit of mechanics, truck drivers, and loggers who dared to dream big.

* Community Support: A heartfelt thank you to our fans, supporters, and everyone who played a role in turning this ambitious project into a reality.

???? What's Next?

* Road Testing Begins: Follow us as we start on-road testing of Topsy, ensuring operator comfort and safety on public roads.

* Future Goals: Stay tuned for more updates as we continue testing and refining our electric truck, readying it for the market.

???? Thank You!