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Was OZEMPIC the biggest winner at this year's Oscars?


Oppenheimer may have won the most awards at last night's Oscars, but the real big winner of the night appears to have been Ozempic. 

Speculation was rife online about who may have taken the drug as celebrity after celebrity walked the red carpet looking noticeably leaner.

Dr Gary Motykie, a plastic surgeon-to-the-stars in Los Angeles, told the crowd appeared to be more 'slimmed-down' than in previous years.

The use of weight-loss drugs in Hollywood has become so rife that Eli Lilly - the maker of Ozempic's rival drug Mounjaro - released an advert this month asking people to stop using the drug for vanity.

Below are the celebrities who may have taken the drug:

Jesse Plemons looked unrecognizable on the red carpet with wife Kirsten Dunst last night.

Shocked people on social media said he 'lookedgreat' and were 'asking is the rest of him?' after seeing the stunning transformation.

The 35-year-old revealed he started trying to lose weight in 2022 after deciding he was 'tired of carrying all that extra weight around'.

Dr Motykie said he felt Plemons shift in his waistline was likely down to the work he had been putting in to change his lifestyle.

Plemons has spoken about using intermittent fasting, cutting down on carbohydrates and avoiding 'terrible' foods. 

Dr Motykie said: 'I really do think this is down to his lifestyle,' he said, 'the reason is he is very vocal about his lifestyle changes.

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