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Correction – 2 Megawatt Walk Away Safe Truck Movable Nuclear Reactors

•, by Brian Wang

I, Brian Wang of Nextbigfuture, was contacted by the Nano Nuclear team for a correction that their initial nuclear fission reactors will be 1-2 megawatts of power. Previously, I reported 20 megawatts because the DOE report was talking about 20 megawatt microreactors but this was just a definition.

They plan to sell 1,000 microreactors on a yearly basis for a trillion-dollar industry. Nuclear currently supplies some 18% of US power needs off 95GW of installed capacity, according to the Energy Information Agency (EIA). The Department of Energy (DoE) forecasts the country will need around 200GW of new nuclear capacity to reach net-zero by 2050.

The products are ZEUS which is a solid core battery reactor and ODIN, a low-pressure coolant reactor, each representing advanced developments in portable, on-demand capable.

The Zeus nuclear microreactor is engineered for safe operation in remote locations. Its 'walk-away safe' feature ensures stability and safety, minimizing risks in varied environments. This aspect is critical for ensuring consistent operation without the need for active intervention.

Portability and Adaptability: The modular components fit within standard shipping containers, facilitating transportation to remote sites. This feature enhances its utility in areas where traditional energy infrastructure is not feasible.

The second Advanced Nuclear Reactor (ANR) design in development at NANO Nuclear, ODIN aims to diversify its technology portfolio. The ODIN design will utilize conventional fuel form with up to 20% enrichment, helping to minimize the required development and testing program schedule and costs. The proprietary reactor design ODIN will usee low pressure coolant to minimize the stress on structural components, improve their reliability and service life. It will also use a unique reactivity control system design, aiming to have high reliability and robustness through minimizing the number of moving parts.

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I hope to fuk that they are looking at Thorium reactors and NOT more GE time bombs!