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Europe Panics As Trump Rises From The Political Grave

•, by Tom Luongo

It started with the US Supreme Court's 9-0 beatdown of using the 14th Amendment to punish political opponents.

Then the Wicked Witch of Kiev, Vic(Toria) "Cookies" Nuland was forced out at the State Department after decades of torturing the world with her psychopathy.

Then Donald Trump pretty much sent Nikki Haley back to her Waffle House outside of Greenville.

It ended with French President Emmanuel Macron making "believe me" eyes at the world that NATO was ready and willing to send troops to Ukraine. Whose troops? Clearly not French troops, which are only good at this point for "going on safari in northern Africa," according to Col. Doug MacGregor.

Also, clearly not British ships, which can't seem to get out of port. I think I'm noting a kind of tit for tat going on between Boeing airline failures and British naval ones… but I could just be conspiratorial like that.


No, the answer has always been that it would be US troops in Europe fighting Europe's war that everyone — The UK, Davos and their EU apparatchiks, and the US Neocons — thought would be a slam dunk to bleed Russia out.

And I'm sure that's exactly the way they plotted it out in their Microsoft Project file over at Globalist Central.

That has obviously not taken place and it is Ukraine that is now in serious trouble. Truth be told, which has been in very short supply since the war started two years ago, Ukraine has always been in serious trouble.

And that has led, predictably, to the situation we see now. US support for Project Ukraine is coming to an end, if it hasn't ended already. And the panic in Europe is palpable.

This was all very predictable if you accepted the framework that there was a split at the top of the US hierarchy. One faction committed to the Davos vision of the future which implied a compliant, even beaten, US and another that looked up from their quote screens and said, "Uh… no."