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Roger Ver's New Book Tops Amazon's New Releases, Memoir Dives Deep Into Bitcoin Controversie

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This book provides readers with an alternate perspective, challenging the traditional narratives surrounding Bitcoin's evolution and history.

Exploring Bitcoin's History Through Roger Ver's Eyes

Roger Ver has revealed the release of a book he co-authored with Steve Patterson, featuring insights from esteemed economist Jeffrey Tucker. Currently available for pre-order on Amazon, the book is set to be officially released on April 4, 2024. Its summary points out that Bitcoin's original promise "was broken after a small group of insiders took over the project and fundamentally changed Bitcoin's design."

The book discusses various occurrences that happened over the years. It includes subjects like the basics of Bitcoin, debates like the store of value and medium of exchange argument, block sizes, censorship, and the Lightning Network. In the book, Ver said he invested more than thirteen years championing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as the next evolution in financial systems, convinced of their capacity to forge a much freer and wealthier society.