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Piers Morgan Embodies the Juvenile Thinking That Threatens World Peace

•, by Larry C. Johnson

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to rule forever and that Russia's presidential election was an illegitimate imitation.

Zelenskiy said in his nightly video address that "the Russian dictator is simulating another election," and that Putin was "sick for power and is doing everything to rule forever."

Boy. The cocaine must have really addled his noodle. This was the ultimate Pot calls kettle black moment. At least Russia held and election and did not jail all of Putin's political opponents and did not shut down opposition media. Zelensky? He's refusing to hold the election required under the Ukrainian Constitution, he's shuttered opposition political parties, stifled opposition media and attacked the clergy of the Ukrainian Eastern Orthodox Church. And that is the West's standard for a democracy?

It is crap like this that totally discredits any voice in the West that wants to pillory President Putin while saying nothing about Zelensky's abuse of power. He's afraid to let the Ukrainian voters speak. Unlike Putin, who demonstrated that Western funded public opinion polls of Russian voters giving him a 88% favorability rating, Zelensky reportedly has support of 62% of the Ukrainian public. Maybe, but Zelensky's fear of holding an election suggests he does not trust the voters to turn out for him.

Now to Piers Morgan. Morgan embodies everything that is wrong with Western politicians and media pooh bahs when it comes to dealing with the real world. I challenge you to watch Morgan's interview of Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Sachs is an astute, thoughtful man with unparalleled firsthand experience in dealing with the principals in Russia, Europe, the Middle East and China. Piers does not.