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New 'Morally Ambiguous' Star Wars Show Directed By Former Assistant To Harvey Weinstein

•, by Tyler Durden

To date, Disney has burned every ounce of fan capital it once had and each successive Star Wars movie and series has performed worse than the last in terms of box office and viewership.  And, it was all done in the name of going woke.

Disney as a company has become the mascot for "Get Woke, Go Broke" with an extensive list of theatrical and streaming service failures the past few years, and they continue to refuse to learn from their mistakes.  The bottom line?  Legacy companies like Disney are willing to destroy their own market share in the pursuit of political propaganda; they'll keep on pontificating about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion until they are bankrupt.  

Their upcoming Star Wars streaming format release called 'The Acolyte' is expected by many to become the worst woke/feminist disaster in the company's history handling the franchise.  And, it might not be a coincidence that their latest DEI endeavor will be directed by a former assistant to Harvey Weinstein, the very man that the "Me Too" movement was created to admonish.

How aware was Leslie Headland of the casting-couch activities of her boss when she was his assistant?  It's hard to say.  However, Hollywood has determined that her status as a lesbian and queer activist negates any connections she might have had to that ugly association. 

Interviews with Headland suggest she will be bringing all her activism and politics to the latest Disney Star Wars installment along with a predictable interest in making the classic archetypal tale about good and evil "morally ambiguous."  As she notes in the Hollywood Reporter:

"People who are good guys can be bad guys, and people who are bad guys can be good guys. There's a lot of moral ambiguity, which is why Jodie's [Turner-Smith] line in the trailer is so important: "This isn't about good or bad; this is about power and who is allowed to use it." And I believe, of course, that the Jedi are a benevolent, well-intentioned institution, but they are an institution and they have amassed all the power..."