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Conspiracies, Cancer, Chemotherapy and Kate


On Friday, Catherine, Princess of Wales, published a video explaining that post-operative tests revealed she has cancer and she is undergoing "preventative chemotherapy." There may be another aspect to Kate's story which isn't being publicised and which Dr. Vernon Coleman discusses in the article below.

He also discusses some facts about chemotherapy that you won't read in corporate media.

Sadly, Princess Kate has got cancer. We wish her a speedy and complete recovery. Just why they needed to keep the truth secret for so long is a mystery – though there may be an explanation which I'll discuss in a moment.

Like many people, I was puzzled by the phrase "preventative chemotherapy." I think the explanation is that the word "preventative" is rather superfluous and is being used to emphasise the fact that Kate's condition is not terribly serious. My guess is that the cancer they've found is in the uterus or ovarian tissue which they have removed – and that as far as they know there is no cancer left visible or apparent. That's my guess.

However, this doesn't completely explain why she is having chemotherapy because there are risks. In a moment I'll explain why I'm surprised.

But first, there is, I suspect, another aspect to the Kate story.

For weeks now the royal family has allowed conspiracy theories to abound. "Kate is dead," "Kate and William are getting divorced," "Kate has been captured by aliens."

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