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When Proxy Wars Come Home

•, By Karen Kwiatkowski

We live, if we live in the US, within a reverberating echo chamber of the bits of US foreign policy we can observe and understand.  Those bits relate mainly to trade wars, monetary wars, and proxy wars.  Each of these overtly externally directed "wars" echo in American streets and towns, across the land and into the center of all urban areas – where the real war against American interests is being fought.

US bipartisan foreign policy demands trade wars!   This promotes autarky, which requires heavy government subsidization, that drives heavy taxation, reduces private money, liberty and innovation, in turn making it less likely that anything the US makes is desired by the rest of the work on its own merits, reducing US wealth and quality of life.  All of these negative effects are then blamed on the countries that we refused to trade with in the first place, and who now have little reason to trade with us — although they may be willing to flood our borders with victims of trade wars, ours by design, theirs reactionary.

US bipartisan foreign policy demands monetary wars!  Wars to defend the fiat currency of the US, to preserve the dollar as global reserve currency, the petrodollar, while involving foreign policies and UN positions, also produces direct acts of war as salacious as the destruction of the Nordstream pipelines, and color revolutions to replace governments we don't like.  It has produced the most banal wars and occupations for control of Middle Eastern oil, the 50-year US military subsidy of global US oil concerns, and the toppling of any leader of a country that shows interest in a gold-backed currency – something the US will never again be able to offer.  The domestic blowback of monetary wars on the average American at home is war, conscription, government debt, personal debt, high taxes, and planned and rapidly increasing, never-ending inflation, that steals the most from the poorest.  This aspect of US foreign policy impoverishes all Americans in many ways, but it has literally created a new class of American serf with few choices and fewer dreams, a class wearing the leg irons and waist chains of a bankrupted state.

US bipartisan foreign policy demands proxy wars!  On a continuous basis, it enjoys getting other organizations and people and countries to fight and die for its interests – which is to say the interests of the deep state, the interconnected power and subsidy seeking 5% of – not the richest sector of the population – but the most psychopathic.