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How A Handful Of Billionaires Created The Transgender "Movement"

• JBilek Substack

I was honored to have been interviewed by Jonathon Van Maren about my research on the gender industry - Jennifer Bilek

First published at The European Conservative.

I first came across investigative journalist Jennifer Bilek's work in 2020, when her essay "The Billionaires Behind the LGBT Movement" was published in First Things. It was a stunning piece—there are several journalists committed to exposing the transgender 'movement' (or industry, as Bilek calls it), but nobody has peeled away the façade of civil rights, pink-and-blue flags, and 'trans kids' like Bilek. If we had a mainstream press truly committed to uncovering and reporting the truth about the forces driving our culture today, her work would be cited by them across the board.

Bilek is an artist, activist, and investigative journalist based out of New York City, and her work has been published in Tablet Magazine, The Federalist, The Post Millennial, and elsewhere. Bilek spent her life on the Left, but now she says that she is in the "political wilderness," reporting on the biggest cultural story of our day while progressives ignore it or cover it up. Bilek also runs the Substack Jennifer's Newsletter and the blog The 11th Hour, where she explains her focus:

I write at the intersection of humanity, technology, and runaway capitalism. At this intersection stands transgenderism, what I believe is a glamorous ad campaign generated by elites, invested in tech and pharma, to normalize the changing of human biology.

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