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Revenge Of The Swamp: DC RINOs Attempt to Sabotage President Trump's Re-Election...

• By Paul Ingrassia

The Uniparty is quietly scheming (again) to rig the system and prevent President Trump from ever becoming President.  This scheme involves a two-part strategy: using a combination of strategically planned retirements of Republican House members, coupled with the passage of carefully tailored legislation to remove President Trump from the ballot on bogus Insurrection grounds that would likely pass muster with moderate justices on the Supreme Court, like John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett, who prefer to avoid deciding on "controversial" legal questions and risk being seen in a bad light by their liberal peers.

The fact that over a dozen House Republicans have recently announced their early retirement, or their intention to not seek re-election, should raise alarm bells for everyone, because these decisions are not by happenstance.  They are coordinated and serve the specific purpose to keep President Trump off the ballot.  As their attempts at lawfare appear to be falling apart one-by-one, from the debacle in Georgia involving Fani Willis's rendezvous with the special prosecutor Nathan Wade, to the kangaroo show trials in NYC, with petty judges and prosecutors such as Letitia James, Arthur Engoron, and Juan Merchan, being exposed for the radical, far-left operators they are – President Trump's political enemies are getting increasingly desperate, and as a result of that desperation, are strategizing to now switch control of the House of Representatives before election day.  If they manage to pull off that feat, which is becoming increasingly likely with a diminishing House Republican majority, the product of intra-party squabbling and general incompetence of Republican leadership, and Democrats retake control, President Trump's enemies will be able to more easily pass legislation that would disqualify him from the ballot.  This is because if the House flips to Democrat hands and Speaker Hakeem Jeffries takes the reins, he will be able to coordinate with Chuck Schumer in the Senate more easily, who already controls a majority in the upper chamber.  At least up until the November election, there will be no divided government: Democrats will have majorities in both congressional chambers, plus the White House.  Thus, the House, Senate, and White House can collude to pass legislation that would exclude President Trump from the ballot because, according to their absurd construction, Section 3 and Section 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment allows them to do so.