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How Operation Mockingbird, an undercover CIA initiative, manipulated public perception...

•, By Richard Brown

Fox News host Jesse Watters recently shed light on Operation Mockingbird, an undercover Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) initiative aimed at manipulating public perception through the media.

This operation involved the infiltration of journalists and informants into prominent U.S. media outlets, to advance the federal government's viewpoints and political agendas. (Related: MEDIA MARCHING ORDERS: White House orders media to cover up Joe Biden's corruption bombshells.)

"Langley was laundering narratives to the press and into the public's veins," Watters remarked, emphasizing the extensive influence of the CIA on the media landscape. According to Watters, at least 22 American news organizations, including the New York TimesLife magazine and CBS, had individuals on the CIA payroll, serving as conduits for disseminating disinformation, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

The discussion on Operation Mockingbird was sparked by a recent acknowledgment from the New York Times, which acknowledged the existence of a "Deep State" network—a term often used to describe a clandestine group of government and media personnel working to undermine elected officials or promote specific agendas.

The newspaper portrayed this network positively, suggesting it played a beneficial role within the federal government.

Watters also referenced the 1975 Church Committee hearings, a significant moment when the public became aware of Operation Mockingbird's existence.

During these hearings, William Colby, the outgoing CIA director at the time, testified about the agency's efforts to embed assets within major media outlets, revealing details that shocked the American public.