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AWESOME: Texas National Guard Retakes Control of El Paso Border ?" Installs Miles of Razor-Wire

• By Cullen Linebarger

On Tuesday morning, the Texas National Guard defied the Biden regime and again took control of the El Paso border, installing concertina wire (razor wire) and a new anti-climb fence.

The new security measures are in place to prevent illegals from rioting and tearing apart the previous razor wire barrier as they did on March 21st.

Fox News Channel's Matt Finn obtained exclusive access to the new barrier, which can be viewed below. Finn notes it bears similarities to another wall in Eagle Pass.


One could say the Texas National Guard is "building back better." Hopefully, illegals will have an impossible time busting through this unique barrier.

This news comes as over 200 illegal aliens previously broke through the razor wire and stormed the border, attacking the Texas National Guard. They were charged with rioting on Tuesday.

On Sunday, radical-left El Paso magistrate judge Humberto Acosta ruled that the "hundreds of arrestees" from the violent riot should have individual bail hearings within 48 hours of being charged. He also outrageously rejected the District Attorney's request for additional preparation.